The TechnoDelight blog aims to raise awareness about products and services which are available for free. These are the kind of services customers usually pay for because of their low to nil marketing budgets.
Physical devices are not available for free. It may be possible to freely download blueprints of open source hardware of 3D printing in the future, but we still need to pay for the raw material. Enough about the future – the free in hardware and physical devices translates to affordable, since it’s the lowest we can go in case of their price. TechnoDelight brings extensive coverage of mobile phones, tablets, eBook readers and other gadgets that offer excellent value-for-money compared to their expensive counterparts.
TechnoDelight keeps price lists of devices for devices with great value-for-money. These lists are updated monthly to keep them up-to-date. There will be separate lists for mobiles and tablets. We also keep list of free apps those are useful for readers.
The saying “There is no free lunch” still holds some value in this era. But if you look at the online world there are a myriad of services and products those are available practically for free. These may be commercial products (shareware or ad-supported) or FOSS (Free and Open-source) products.
Look at Google and Bing, world class search engines, the resources and man-hours spent to produce such products are immerse. Still we could use these search engines for free because of it can be sustained with an ad-supported business model, thanks to their enormous user base.
More and more start-ups are coming up with free products which users automatically expect to pay, remember email hosting services before Hotmail became popular. We genuinely believe there are still many applications which is yet to be released for free, whether they should be released as a shareware or developed as an open-source product, the world needs more free options. Raising awareness about existing free products is just the first step.