Social media hasn’t been a good friend to Apple after the release of new iPhones; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. And now, a new problem is being trending on Twitter about how the new iPhones can possibly cause even balding. However we think that’s a big stretch.

The problem is some users get their hair or beard struck in the seam between the glass screen and the aluminum back. When the call ends the hair gets ripped from the head. This only applies if the user has long hair or a beard.

The #hairgate is trending on Twitter and there is a 9to5mac community thread dedicated to the issue.

Apple hasn’t responded to the issue yet. Apple’s response to #BentGate was inviting a group of journalists to Apple’s state of the art testing centers. They also made it clear that bending of iPhone is extremely rare in normal usage conditions and only a handful of people reported the bending problem.

iPhone bending videos made it to the home page of YouTube last week. Lou from UnboxTherapy YouTube channel has already bend two iPhone 5S+, apparently for “scientific” purposes. #HairGate videos are just popping up, but expect a lot of them shortly. Afterall #HairGate demonstration doesn’t require destroying an expensive device such as an iPhone.

Source: 9to5mac


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