Feeling the pinch from the imminent launch of Reliance Jio 4G services, BSNL has finally said goodbye to its 512kbps minimum speed. From August 2016, the base speed for all BSNL Broadband subscribers is 1MBPS.

Reliance Jio has started testing out its JioFi WiFi hotspot devices. These devices offer speeds that BSNL can’t even compete; Jio 4G speed is like 10-60Mbps depending on location.

This speed increase seems like a precautionary measure to prevent frustrated broadband users flocking to other high speed low cost services. It’s pretty sure once a user buys a device like JioFi(~Rs.3000) and experience high-speed Internet they won’t be coming back to 512kbps Broadband.

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Indian Telecom industry is about to witness a major change post commercial launch of Jio. Major cellular providers like AirTel and Idea has already slashed prices for their expensive mobile Internet packs by up to 70%.

Entry of Reliance Jio would do what the entry of Aircel did to 2G tarriff back in 2009. With their revolutionary “truly” unlimited plan for only rupees 97, they drove data prices of all major provider down to sub 100 rupees level.

BSNL bumped up speed without any fanfare or press releases. BSNL is probably the biggest broadband provider in India with a pan India presence. This speed increase would certainly set a new benchmark for Internet speed in India.

The cheapest Broadband plan from BSNL is for rupees 675. According to the revised plan, the subscriber would get 2GB data at 2Mbps per month before reducing speed to 1Mbps.

BSNL is also changing to keep up with times. As landline connections lost their appeal long ago they have shifted focus on data services.


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