If you own a Java supported feature phone like Nokia’s Asha Series phone, and you want read e-books on your device, here are a few useful apps.

Although feature phones don’t have app support nowhere near Android or iOS, it sure has a well matured app eco-system from pre-iPhone era. Most of these projects are no longer maintained properly but you can still use these applications to achieve a comfortable reading experience. All for these are free to use and will work on Symbian smartphones like Nokia 5800/5233.

1. Albite Reader
This is the best Ebook reader available for Java phones in our opinion. It has all the features you need from an eBook reader. Typography is as good as it can get. Beautiful Droid Serif font will be a delight to the reader’s eyes. The most notable feature in Albite reader which almost no other J2ME e-book readers don’t have is its offline dictionary support(Merriam-Webster). Albite Reader also supports ePub format which has become an open standard in e-book publishing industry.

Other features: Night mode, e-book collection available for download, touch screen support, open-source project, great documentation about installation and offline dictionary setup.

Website: albite.org

2. Tequilacat BookReader
Ok, this one is a little tricky. You will need a Windows/Linux machine to make the ebook reader first. This reader has the most customization options. You could customize each area of the screen to perform a chosen task (buttons instead of touch area in mobile phones with keypad.) The Java Shell file which you need to download into your computer generates jar version of ebooks you add during set up. However, you can open ebooks from the file system of mobile phones even if you didn’t add them in shell while creating jar file. HTML and .txt files are supported. You might need to use Calibre reader to convert ebooks to required format.

Website: tequilacat.org

3. Wattpad
Wattpad is like an online ebook reader with much user generated content. In some sense it could be compared with YouTube. It has excellent typography and much content readily available. An Internet connection is required to get content.

Website: www.wattpad.com

Extra: ZX Reader
This only applies if your phone runs Symbian OS (Native Symbian App.) Unfortunately s40 Java phones are not supported by this E-reader. ZX Reader very lightweight and snappy and works best with touch-enabled Symbian phones of Nokia (s60v5 and s60v3.)

ZX Reader runs very smoothly and takes very less RAM. You can use volume buttons to turn pages, which unfortunately is not supported by J2ME apps. Even customization of the menu button is possible in ZX Reader. Their website is in Russian language, so you may need to use Google Translate if you do not speak Russian.


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