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Canonical has released its much anticipated Ubuntu release Ubuntu 14.04 aka Trusty Tahr (Tahr species of ungulates related to the wild goat). Canonical has stated its agenda of converting Windows XP and Windows 7 users as they are coming near to end of their support.
Microsoft has already decided to pull the plug on Windows XP support. This is perfect timing with the new Ubuntu release as Ubuntu will run perfectly fine with most of the computers those have been running Windows XP.
This version of Ubuntu is an LTS version, meaning it will be supported for 5 years unlike normal support period of 9 months. The last LTS version was Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), still going rock solid. Trusty Tahr will be supported until April 2019.
Shuttleworth, the man funding Canonical from his own personal fortune, indicated that the focus in this development cycle will be a release that is characterized by “performance, refinement, maintainability, technical debt”.
The UI used in Ubuntu 14.04 is stable Unity 7, instead of going for Unity 8, because LTS versions are meant to be more stable than going cutting edge. The new Unity window decorations will support full GTK3 theming (GTK is a toolkit for creating GUI), they will introduce improved resizing speed and anti-aliased corners.
Ubuntu 14.04 is available to download from Ubuntu’s Official Website.



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