If you have visited Technorati recently, you might have noticed it looks more like a tech blog, like The Verge or TechRadar, instead of looking like a Blog directory.
From May 29, millions of users of Technorati couldn’t find their blogs on Technorati, world’s biggest tech blog directory. However, it is likely that this is a temporary thing and information about the blogs may come back once they relaunch Technorati as an advertising platform as they explain in this blog post. But the blog post does not say anything specifically what will happen to all those user data.
Technorati was the premier blog directory for tech blogs. It had an efficient blog ranking system which utilizes a 1000 point scale. Being as successful as Technorati also had its problems. It is difficult to manually guarantee the quality of the ranking system that indexes millions of blogs, and adding thousands of new blogs everyday.
On new Technorati they showcases their newly launching Ad network, although some links like learn more about publishers doesn’t work right now. This change in their business strategy is expected to generate more revenue than only keeping a blog directory.
Technorati was one of Internet’s important landmarks, we will surely miss it.

Creative Commons,  Hugh Macleod
Creative Commons, Hugh Macleod


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